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Class Library Overview

The following is a basic overview of the high-level features built into Synergy.


  • Synergy
    • Service Locator -- The Service Locator pattern provides a means to lookup the specific instance of a service. For our purposes, a service locator provides a single access-point to a dependency injection container.
  • Synergy.Extensions
    • Double Extension -- Extension methods for the Double class.
    • DateTime Extension -- Extension methods to get the first/last day of the week/month/year and the start/end of the day
  • Synergy.IO.Extensions


  • Synergy.Configuration
    • XAML Configuration Section -- Configuration section handler that supports serialization/deserialization using standard XAML formatting rules


  • Synergy.SharePoint
  • Synergy.SharePoint.Administration.Extensions
  • Synergy.SharePoint.Configuration
  • Synergy.SharePoint.Extensions
  • Synergy.SharePoint.WebControls.Extensions
    • SPCalendarView Extension -- Extension methods to parse the selected date and get the first/last visible date within the current view.


Synergy.Windows.dll for WPF

  • Synergy.Windows
    • Generic Routed Event Handler -- When creating custom routed events, you may need the ability to specify a custom event args class. Just like .NET 2.0 brought you EventHandler<T>, we're bringing you RoutedEventHandler<T>. It's that simple.
    • Value Changed Routed Event Arguments -- Now, imagine you have a routed event that represents some value changing. When you write a handler for this, you're probably going to expect access to the old and new values. This is what ValueChangedRoutedEventArgs<T> gives you.
  • Synergy.Windows.Controls.Extensions

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